Fungal Toenails & Skin

Although many people are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of these diseases, fungal infections are often painful and do increase the risk of serious bacterial infections developing.

In patients that have a suppressed immune system, such as diabetics, fungal infections can be a serious risk factor. Therefore, it is important to have any abnormal appearance of the skin or nails properly evaluated.

Many physicians visually inspect the problem and then guess as to what the underlying pathology might be. The problem with this inferior standard of care is that the recommended treatment has a high probability of being wrong, and your time and money are wasted, not to mention that the problem persists. Although no treatment regimen can be guaranteed to work, it is certain that if the incorrect diagnosis and treatment for that diagnosis is employed, no cure is possible.

Dr. McNamara strongly recommends that a biopsy of the affected tissue be obtained and submitted to a pathologist for determination of the correct diagnosis and recommendations on the best treatments available for what they have seen in the specimen.

Nail and skin biopsies can be done painlessly in most cases.

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