Foot Neuropathy & Nerve Pain

How Quickly Does Diabetic Neuropathy Develop?

Did you know that damage to the nerves in your feet and hands can be underway as much as 20 years prior to a diagnosis of diabetes? That is what a recent research study from Johns Hopkins revealed.

This means that with diabetes at near-epidemic proportions in the US, there are many more people in the early stages of nerve damage (neuropathy) than we had any idea of as much as three years ago. With the current understanding of this process and new treatments of intervention, it becomes imperative that patients with increased BMI (body mass index) and/or a family history of diabetes be screened for this potentially devastating, limb- and life-threatening manifestation of diabetes.

The exam is simple and non-painful and can be administered by any podiatrist willing to take the time to educate their patient. If you are a patient of ours or wish to become a patient and have concerns about this subject, please make an appointment for evaluation today!

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