Flat Feet

Flat feet are typically first recognized by a parent noting the collapsed appearance of the foot’s arch and a rolling-in of the ankles in children. Naturally, being concerned, they request an opinion from the child’s pediatricians and are invariably advised, “Don’t worry; they will grow out of it.” Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Flat feet cause abnormal stress and strain in all joints and tissues from the feet to the back. They are not only responsible for many deformities of the feet, as well as functional debility, but are believed to be a major cause in the need of future knee and hip replacement, secondary to the osteoarthritis caused by the resultant inefficient ability to absorb shock and propel forward on the flat foot.

There are conservative interventions available that are occasionally appropriate for recommendation. This usually takes the form of correct shoe gear and orthotic intervention.

Surgical procedures are varied and are designed to be a permanent solution to flat feet, but these are all too often significantly invasive and not well designed for reproducibility of success. An exception in surgical intervention is the procedure associated with the HyProCure stent. The HyProCure stent is a redesigned and updated procedure for the minimally invasive and permanent resolution of flat feet. Dr. McNamara has been awarded Master Surgeon status in performance of this procedure. Further information on HyProCure stent procedure can be obtained from their website.

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