Ankle Sprains

Retrospective medical studies tell us that, statistically, the most mismanaged emergency-department problem presented for care is the ankle sprain. This is concerning, since the vast majority of these injuries, when presented for care, are presented in the E.D.

Correct initial evaluation of the mechanism of injury is critical to the appropriate treatment selection, whether conservative or surgical. These mechanisms of injury are complicated and require a specialist with a specific knowledge to appropriately evaluate, diagnose and treat them. If less than optimum treatment is rendered, the potential for lifelong debility will increase.

An interesting phenomenon of the best-treated, healed ankle sprain or fracture is prolonged future instability and recreant ankle sprains. This is due to damage that occurs to the nerves that are responsible for giving the spinal cord feedback as to where the foot is in relation to the ground, space and the body’s balance point. This can be treated but is frequently overlooked by even those that are considered the best in their field. Dr. McNamara’s protocol for treatment of these injuries has been derived from the best in clinical knowledge available and 25 years of experience in optimizing the care of each individual case.

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